Honda EU2200i Generator

Following years of Honda possessing the marketplace on the ultra mobile inverter generator using the EU2000i they've rolled out a brand new potent EU2200i unit.

So What is the Main Difference?
Everything stems from the brand new GXR120 power plant. This fresh 121cc engine replaces the 98.5cc GX100 engine now utilized at the EU2000i.

With this new bigger engine they had the ability to up the ranked output 1600 watts to 1800 watts. And since the version number indicates the maximum output signal goes from 2000 watts to 2200 watts.

Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series

It is not all rainbows and biscuits in the new model however. There are a couple minor strikes the EU2200i takes with this bulge in power. Oddly enough it keeps the exact same 8.1 hour run time in 1/4 load. This is from the exact same 0.95 gallon tank since the former version. Together with run time the sound level follows an idetical slight bulge upward. And once more in 1/4 load the sound level stays an ultra silent 53dB. And the weight ticks upward by 0.9 pounds going from 45.6 pounds on the EU2000i to 46.5 pounds on the new EU2200i. Are these substantial drawbacks? I would say no and very much value the 200 watt bump.

Anything Changed Apart from Specifications?
The most critical change out the pure specs are the inclusion of a fuel closed off valve. This is a really welcome feature that aids in maintaining your own carbohydrate dry when keeping your own unit for off season times. Some folks prefer to save with fuel stabilizer however mist will concur running a device dry is the simplest and most fool proof method of keeping your own generator.

Cost and Availability

Having a beginning U.S. maker's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,149.95, this newfound version provides improved functionality for work, home and perform software. The Honda EU2200I generator includes a three-year residential and three-year business guarantee.

By substituting the top-selling EU2000i, the EU2200i delivers everything you expect from a Honda but adds more of it, 10 percent more to be precise. The improvement in power doesn't include a drawback, it's almost no change in weight or price. Michael Rudolph, Honda Power Equipment Vice President said, "Having a bigger engine, simple start-up process and simpler maintenance, we believe the all-new Honda EU2200i has become easily the most versatile and dependable portable generator available on the marketplace".

This revolutionary change takes effective quickly, with new versions available early in 2018.

This is a daring move by Honda but quite secure at precisely the identical moment. The Honda EU2000i was the best-selling and most popular portable inverter generator available on the industry. From a reliability perspective it's proven itself to be dang near bullet proof. Therefore a super secure move to leap bulge the specs and run off even more from the contest? Well yes but most understand it may also be just like playing with fire when you choose a product so hot and try a replacement. We've understood this bomb sometimes but Honda isn't the form of firm to rush things to promote nor do they wish to take themselves in the foot on this a high profile thing. Due to this you are able to assume that this version probably received more analyzing and diluting compared to other product releases.