Honda EU3000i Handi Review: Among those must-haves for both RV and off-grid dwelling is a quality portable generator. Whether you have just mouse and battery, use solar on your charging source, or even when you're tied to the grid to your level, acquiring a quality off-road generator backup is very important. We're now boondocking in an RV but working to build our very own off-grid residence, and we just wished to purchase 1 generator that will do the job for each our requirements. After weeks of study, we stumbled upon the Honda EU3000i Handi also it had been the no-brainer option, and we all thought we would write a review of the Honda portable generator.

For you visual or audio forms, we have created a YouTube media of our Honda EU3000i Handi Generator review. Don't hesitate to check out that below; it essentially has the exact same info but includes a great deal of media clips to see also. We'll also provide you a brief tour of this Honda 3000 generator and also you may hear how loudly (or silent?) It's.

Honda EU3000iS Review: Is It The Best 3000W Inverter Generator?

At the beginning of the off grid study we knew we were going to want at 2400 watts and 3000 watts of electricity. A 2400 volt generator could give us a fantastic start. Even a 3000 watt generator could be ideal for conducting numerous power tools such as a table saw. The more power the better to feed the battery and grid charge for our house once assembled. Here's an excellent article about the best way best to determine what size of generator you will need .

Our initial plan was to purchase a Yamaha 2400 watt generator. We understood a 2000 watt generator could be too little for our needs however the accessible 3000 watt generators were simply much too heavy for one individual (believe Alyssa!) To transfer safely. Honda does not have a 2400 watt generator but Yamaha does, so we figured that this was exactly what we'd need to perform. Our study focused on the Yamaha lineup. But, we were worried that the constant amp load for this particular generator may be borderline too low because of our bigger power tools. Though you may connect two components in parallel to approximately twice the drop-down weren't keen on the notion of purchasing two of these to connect them together. This looked like a strange investment plus a sting more complicated than necessary. More parts indicate a higher probability of failure. No bueno to get a important utility like electricity.

We chose to go attempt to get a number of those units since most of our study was completed on line. Finally we had been worried the Yamaha 2400 could be settling. We just needed to make sure.

Our standards for an off-road portable generator went something like that:

Adequate power capacity: Though our electricity needs now are minimal on an everyday basis, we needed something with sufficient electricity for our long-term needs such as the usage of numerous power tools simultaneously for constructing our house and also to finally function as backup power to our battery charge when solar is not carrying the load.
Scale-able: While our electricity needs are relatively modest now (excluding the use of power tools), we intend to get a decent-sized house in the not too distant future. We would like the generator to function for this also incorporate the option to parallel join two components for double the power output.
Minimum sound: I can not think of any reason to have a noisy generator, however in the event that you can have peace and power and quiet also why not? We wanted something silent so it would not be redirected into the family, or to some possible neighbors. Although we do not mean to wind up in an RV park or perform a great deal of camping originally we did not wish to need to choose between electricity or not.
Lightweight: We wanted something light enough that neither of us could risk injury seeking to maneuver it. Additionally lightweight enough that I'd have the ability to lift it in my own with no assistance from anybody else. Portability required to add brakes where possible to maintain lifting to a minimum.
Serviceable: We wanted to have the ability to bring it in town, or not too far from our house, to make it serviced
Durable: We wanted something title brand with an established record of getting quality generators. We did not wish to spend the risk of using a faulty instrument with something so crucial as our electricity.

Frankly, we did not even understand this portable generator version was available. We stopped at a regional motorsports shop to determine if we can place our hands on a generator to know them better. Unfortunately the shop simply have the 2000w version in stock. The salesman nonetheless told us about a version that has been just marginally heavier than the 2000w version, but'd 3000w output. Something we had not discovered in our study. He said they are difficult to find since they usually sell very fast.

We did some research and discovered other Honda sockets in the region. A couple of stops later we stopped to an Ace Hardware. The salesman said"Darn, you're some hours too late! I had two of these morning and also a gentleman come in before today and bought them both! All these are selling like hot cakes"

Moments later, a truck had been rolling in using a brand new shipment of things and it just so happened there was a Honda EU3000i Handi on board. The salesman vanished and came back with all the little generator which was fresh from the truck.

Following a brief discussion about if we'd found"the one" and just how hard this version is to locate, we purchased the generator! You know that feeling that you get when you KNOW something is the correct choice? That is the way we felt. Though we had been expecting to invest $1,000-1,500 to get a generator, after we saw the worth we happily paid the higher cost.

Since then we have jumped into our recently purchased 5 acres in Northern Idaho where we're living in our RV while we build our property. In the time of this writing, we have been living on our territory utilizing the generator to control our RV battery and also to operate our power tools for per month, and here's an overview of what we believe so much: in summary we love it!
Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the Honda 3000 generator is much far better than advertised! We have been operating the little generator for approximately 1 hour daily to control our trailer battery. We have also used it to operate multiple power tools, and also have experienced some days we had been conducted it several times over the day to control camera equipment, mobile phones and laptops. The 6.5 gallons of non-ethanol fuel we came with only conducted outafter 3.5 months! It has exceeded our expectations.

The evaluations are just 1 tank (1.58 gal) lasts seven hours in 1/4 load. For the mathematics savvy we have conducted it for approx 1 hour every day for 25 times (that is 25 hours approx 4.5 gal), also several daylight hours running power tools as stated before. We'd estimate we have put about 35 hours to the generator thus much and swallowed 6.5 gallons. That is about 15 percent more effective than promoted. We have been operating non-ethanol fuel that has more energy . This will account for the growth in efficiency.
Benefits of Oil Changes

Changing the oil at the Honda EU3000i is very simple. It requires us 5 minutes tops. Oil changes are advised about the Honda Handi every 100 hours or every 3 months, whichever occurs first. In our situation, 100 hours readily comes ! See our YouTube on how to change the oil at a Honda EU3000i Handi generator.

Honda EU3000is Super Quiet Light Weight

The Honda EU3000i Handi is fairly quiet. If you are worried about noise pollution like we had been afterward this generator is for certain one to think about. Most all generators within this course, such as Yamaha generators, are rather silent. Most from the 60db 58-65db selection. Industrial generators naturally are priced electricity, but are not supposed to be particularly silent. In case you have neighbors close by, will probably be running it through the night, or whether you're in a RV with close quarters that the super silent series generators appear to every be quite suitable.

We often operate our generator just before bed time during peak usage from the trailer. It's quite a quiet hum we do not really notice while within the trailer. We are easily able to continue an dialogue, get critical work done or perhaps see a film. Even standing next to the generator when running it is not uncomfortable to have a regular conversation.

Power Output

The 3000 volt output signal was really essential for us since it's going to be our backup for solar eventually. We are interested in being able to power our battery charge fast (1-2 hours) instead of needing to conduct a more compact generator for 8-10 hours.

In addition, we expect a couple of long stretches without powerful sun particularly in winter and using a generator which will tie to our grid and electricity the grid whilst simultaneously filli