ProForm PRO 2000 Treadmill Review









Are you currently on a tight budget but still in need of a treadmill which will help you realize your exercise goals effectively? This ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill will probably be perfect for you. It includes a very inexpensive price and in addition to that some outstanding attributes intended to give you the best user experience with the machine.

With it you will get to delight in the multiple exercise programs, constant motor that never disappoints, comfy and entertaining workout sessions. Besides you won't miss out to the accurate work out details such as calorie burn, heart rate, distance and speed from the treading sessions. This article is a discussion of the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill review that will enable you to find the concealed workout treasure within this wonderful fitness piece.

What are the Features of ProForm Pro 2000?

Powerful Motor

If you're a serious runner it is quite definite that you are searching for a treadmill which comes with a powerful motor that could withstand your difficult training sessions. Well, this ProForm Pro 2000 comes with a powerful engine with 3.5CHP with you won't experience inconveniences during your workout sessions. The engine also operates quietly throughout the session no matter how tough or long the workout is. Why is this motor quite outstanding is that it comes with a self-cooling feature making it durable and super-efficient. Additionally the motor is able to accommodate the weight of a 350-pound heavy consumer comfortably. There's also an added assurance of the sturdiness of this motor which is that the lifetime guaranteethat is being offered by the manufacturer.

High Weight Capacity

If you're looking for a treadmill that suits the weight of most users you need to think about purchasing this amazing treading machine. This fantastic treading ProForm Pro 2000 includes a heavy weight capacity of 350 lbs. With this ability the treadmill is able to satisfy the requirements of their little, average and the big users.

High Speed Limit

You do not want a treadmill which can hinder you from running at demanding speeds to attain your health goals efficiently. With the 12 MPH speed which includes this equipment you will be able to work yourself with super challenging speeds of up to 12 MPH including all the ease that you need.

Accurate Engineering

ProForm understands the client needs of desiring to have a treadmill which works quietly. To meet this needs this system is featured with 2.5 inch non-flex rollers that are meant to maintain a smooth operation even when this system is exposed to intensive workout sessions.

Great Incline and Decline

Training on a set deck surface in all your workout sessions may not be quite productive like when you engage in incline and decline training. With this particular treadmill you will get to experience 15% incline and 3 percent decrease levels which will allow you to run on either steep and downhill surfaces to give your legs the best challenge to stimulate your muscles efficiently. To be particular, running on a 15% incline will cause you to burn 2x the calories which will fulfill your calorie loss dream.

Long Tread Belt Track

If you're a tall user you need to ensure that you receive a treadmill that will accommodate your extended strides. The tread belt span of this machine steps 22?60 that's quite suitable for its tall users to run or run along without the risk of falling off.

Proshox Cushioning

An efficient treadmill never misses on an powerful cushioning to ensure your hips, joints and feet stay comfortable as you work out. Being an efficient treadmill, the ProForm Pro 2000 is featured using a Patented Proshox Cushioning that absorbs shock from the stride impact to protect you from experiencing sore toes or painful joints. This cushion absorbs 28% of shock in comparison to running outdoors on the tarmac. This equipment is also featured with shock absorbers in the faces of the deck to give you all the comfort you need to achieve a successful workout session.

Sturdy Frame

You do not need a framework that will breakdown once you make your mind up to engage in vigorous training sessions. This treadmill is featured using a strongly developed steel framework that stays steady all through your treading session. With this sturdy frame you'll have the ability to perform intensive work out without experiencing any smallest jiggling or shaking of the framework which will in turn enhance your confidence and desire for exercising. Additionally, ProForm wins the confidence of the consumer by providing them a lifetime warranty with this treadmill.

Does it Incline?
Yes, but in addition, it declines. We were surprised that it could do, most machines at this price confine themselves into an incline run.

The Proform Pro 2000 has 15 incline degrees, and 3 decrease levels which are attained by the legs stretching from the front of the machine. All these can easily be controlled by the console. This gives a fantastic workout, and also the decline really does push you during the exercise, and activates muscles I had forgotten about!

Ready To proceed?
Sadly not, this may require a tiny construction. Plus its useful when you have a friend to help. However the guide which you could read here breaks down the process into simple steps. The directions are all English, and you will need a few tools. The Hex Keys are included, and you'll require a Philips (cross head) screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

If you are going to set up this in a carpeted room afterward a mat is recommended only to defend the carpeting.

Can it be comfortable to operate on?

This is one place where the Proform actually stands out. The belt is so spacious at 60″ x 22″ this is the ideal size for runners even over 6′ tall. The old model was just 20″ wide the extra few inches gives far more distance and adds to your confidence while running.

The second aspect is its own cushioning, other users demonstrate this to be one of the very best on the market, with great cushioning and sound deadening. Proform telephone this FS2 Cushioning, which is a fancy title for a belt that provides great support for limbs and knees equally.

Assembly and Care

The assembly process of the treadmill is not complex. It is problematic however. Transport, unpacking and at least several steps of the meeting need a couple of people, as the machine is heavy. The deck has been already constructed and connected to the front base. You will need to add its wheels, pass the cables through the handlebar articles, connect the posts to the frame, add the framework of the console, the dashboard with all the console, along with the fold mechanism. The box includes the users manual and also the tools for the assembly. The entire process shouldn't take over 45 minutes.

For maintenance, the tread belt will probably require lubrication occasionally. Even if it's stated that it's embedded with high-performance lubricant, following several countless hours of usage, it will require lubrication. For that, you should only use lubricant available from ProForm. Aside from that, the buckle might require re-tightening or realignment in time to time. Additionally, you should periodically clean the treadmill and protect against water or other liquids to spill on the engine's case or on the console.

1 last element to be mentioned here, is that you must register your product with ProForm within 30 days following the purchase, so as to gain from the full warranty specified.


Clients love the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill and it features, but not ProForm's Customer support, generally speaking. Buy it from a respectable source, proceed the extras you might not typically go for: additional service program, updated delivery services, and installation achieved for you. Bottom line: it's recommended that you receive an expert to build this treadmill for you, even in the event that you have to pay extra for this service.

This really is a treadmill you're going to be using for several years to come, and with all the features designed to keep you from getting bored and slough off, you are going to place a lot of miles on the ProForm Pro 2000. It is a fantastic thing there is a fantastic warranty package, strong structure and quality components.