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During times of war and peace, United States naval forces play a unique role in defending our national security and projecting American force, influence and assistance around the world. Forward-deployed naval forces play a crucial role in countering threats from our enemies, promoting regional stability and responding to humanitarian crises.

The Navy-Marine Corps team provides a sense of security to regions around the world that allows national economies, free trade practices, and democracies to flourish. In times of danger for our nation and our allies, the Navy-Marine Corps team brings swift and lethal responses to our enemies.

The Department of the Navy is able to engage in numerous and diverse missions because it is flexible and forward-deployed. The fleet can quickly go anywhere and can work from international waters, uninhibited by foreign authority. The Department of the Navy will always respond with an enthusiastic “can do” whenever asked to take on a mission.

A Breaking Point

We are concerned that if the Department of the Navy is required to continue to respond to crisis after crisis without the funding needed to build new ships, repair old equipment and provide routine maintenance to existing equipment, the nation risks permanent damage to our national defense and negative impacts on the domestic and international economies that rely on the safety and security that U.S. sea power provides. Ships, crews and equipment cannot continue the current pace of operations, and the retention of trained personnel will suffer, ultimately leading to reduced readiness for combat and other missions. By many measures, current funding levels do not meet the Navy’s needs. The Navy’s Fiscal Year 2015 30-year shipbuilding plan clearly shows the Navy needs $10 to $15 billion more each year than it is currently set to receive in order to sustain a fleet able to address existing security needs, much less allow any expansion of Navy missions in the future. In addition, the Navy and Marine Corps need to “reset” the fleet after more than a decade of war operations and restore weapons inventories depleted in recent conflicts. These shortfalls all point to the need for more Navy funding.

Next Steps

The Navy League of the United States, a nonprofit sea service advocacy group, is embarking on a new 16-month grassroots campaign, “America’s Strength: Investing in the Navy-Marine Corps Team.” Our goals are to increase the Navy’s top line budget to enable the Navy-Marine Corps team to:

For more information, contact Sara Fuentes, Staff Vice President, Governmental Operations & Administration -

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